A martial arts and health maintenance learning center offering classes in Internal Arts and Chinese Boxing.


The Den is a martial arts and health maintenance learning center offering classes in Internal Arts and Chinese Boxing.  The focus is on “the learning mind”, and on seeking the truth in martial arts and health preservation.  Classes are directed toward the needs and interests of the students.  Enrollment is limited.  Classes are conducted in small groups.  Private lessons are available, schedule permitting.  

One-time seminars in Tai Chi, Wa Lu, and Self-Defense are available for groups.  Customized short courses in self-defense are also available for individuals or groups.

What is Offered?

What are Internal Arts?


Internal arts are martial arts which focus on the development of proper body state and chi flow.  Tai Chi, Pakua Chang, Walu, and Xingi are the internal arts studied at The Den.  Classes are offered in Yang style Tai Chi, Chen Style Tai Chi, and Walu.  

Internal arts are often practiced just for the health benefit by those who have no interest in the martial aspect of these arts.  The Den is happy to accommodate students who seek only a desired health benefit.  The arts are taught from a martial perspective for better understanding, but no sparring or risk of “getting hit” is required.  The Den makes no claims for improved health, and challenges the student to do their own research in this area. 

Seminars on Tai Chi and Walu are available for larger groups.  Sifu Bryan will travel to your location for these larger events.  References are available.

What is Chinese Boxing?

What is Chinese Boxing?  Chinese Boxing, or Energy Boxing, is a general term for internal martial arts styles originating primarily from China.  Examples of Energy Boxing styles are:  Tai Chi, Pakua Chang, Xingi, Water Boxing, certain styles of Wing Chun and Shaolin, White Crane, Black Shuntung Tiger, Walu, and various styles of Chinese wrestling and joint manipulation.  They hold several philosophies in common such as avoiding collision with force, and the belief that training should strengthen, rather than injure, the body and mind over time.  The Chinese Boxing taught at The Den is a study in realistic, no rules, survival in hand to hand combat situations, with attention to development of the body and mind.  The Chinese Boxing mind always seeks a deeper understanding.  The philosophy at The Den is that one should always remain a student, regardless of rank.  One should develop and retain  ”the learning mind” or “empty cup”.

“The Boxing” is approached from a practical point of view.  It provides perhaps the best option for unarmed self-defense for people of most ages, body types, and physical conditions.  No opinion is sacrosanct, and tested truth rules.  The Boxing is not for children.  If one is studying realistic unarmed self-defense, the training requires the same maturity and responsibility from the student as if they were taking handgun training.

Professor Cravens

Chinese Boxing Institute International, “CBII”, was founded by Christopher Casey in the late 1970’s.  Mr. Casey was an extremely intelligent individual who traveled the world and studied many Chinese Boxing arts at the source.  He evaluated each art objectively to define what “made it work”.  He distilled those concepts into a set of principles which ultimately became CBII’s version of Chinese Boxing.  It is a “synthesis art”, borrowing from all the arts mentioned here previously.  Mr. Casey passed in 1986.

Professor James Cravens was Mr. Casey’s senior student, and is now the President of Chinese Boxing Institute International.  Professor Cravens has developed The Boxing into a very deep and documented study of realistic combat.  Professor Cravens is an excellent and prolific producer of detailed internal martial arts training videos and writings.  Much of the curriculum at The Den is based upon Professor’s work.  Professor still actively teaches far and wide to selected students and martial arts schools.  You should check out his work at www.chineseboxing.com

Seminars are available from The Den in Chinese Boxing and in Self Defense.  Sifu Bryan will travel to your location for these larger events.  References are available.



Sifu Bryan Lewis

Classes at The Den are taught or supervised by Sifu Bryan Lewis.  Sifu Bryan has studied kung fu since 1980 when he started with Professor Cravens.  He holds an Instructor’s Certificate in Chinese Boxing from Professor Cravens.   

Sifu Bryan holds a 9th Degree black sash in Tai Chi 1-2-3 from Sigung Paul Olivas.  Sifu Olivas is known for his hand speed instruction and for his incorporation of Ball Room Dancing into the kung fu.  

Sifu Bryan holds a 5th Degree black sash in U.S. Chuan Fa from Sijo Dana Miller.  Sijo Miller is a recognized as Head of Family by the World Haed of Family Sokeship Council.  He is a Platinum Member with over 60 years’ in the arts.  Sijo Miller specializes in the energetics of combat, and in natural energetic healing.

References for Sifu Bryan are available upon request.

When are class times?

“Regular” classes are held once per week in the evenings on a set night, currently on Mondays.  Other opportunities for training are provided an additional 1 or 2 times per week as a rule.  Classes can be held midday or evenings.

Sifu Bryan holds a full time job elsewhere that requires travel and a flexible schedule. Adjustments to the schedule are made via group text messaging and phone calls.  Sifu Bryan is willing to adjust his schedule when able to accommodate students’ needs.

What do I wear to class?

The Den is a fun and informal place to learn and grow.  We do not stand on ceremony.  Wear something comfortable that allows freedom of movement.  Wear clean socks when on the mat.  Bring your sense of humor.  Let’s have a good time improving ourselves in some small way.  

A school t-shirt will be provided as a bonus with the first payment, supplies allowing.


Membership at The Den is $100 per month. No contract is required.


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